Product or project managers’ roles vary by company and, more importantly, the company’s size. If you are at a large company, you will likely be project focused on “go to market” strategies developed by a suite of C-Level executives. If you are a product owner, you will wear considerably different hats and focus on everything from research, UI design, dealing with legal/regulatory approvals, writing copy and demand creation. This distinction is important because finding the right mix of skills, and technical chops to collaborate with your engineering teams is a tall order. Additionally, suppose you are building a platform as opposed to a mobile or web application. In that case, this will require you to find a program manager with an entirely different skill set. Platforms usually require multiple development or dev/ops teams, serve numerous business stakeholders, and often have eco-systems or communities attached to the business strategy. They also require CI/CD pipelines, API strategies and scale/reliability initiatives. The most challenging of rolls may be a product line manager for an embedded system or device. This requires deep technical chops in hardware, firmware, software development/integration and potentially regulatory certifications/approvals, knowledge of supply chains, and manufacturing. So keep this in mind as you chart your PM career path, education plan, or write your next job requisition.