Agile scrum artifacts are information that a scrum team and stakeholders use to detail the deliverables, actions to produce them, and the activities performed during the project.

We are guided by Agile Manifesto – Working software over comprehensive documentation. Justified by equivocating from the 12 agile principles.

Many have taken this to extremes, excluding high-level software designs and even release notes to get a product to market. There are circumstances when you may want to rethink the level of documentation you are providing. Do you have single points of failure in your organization that hold critical knowledge? Have you ever thought about the amount of time spent reverse engineering handoffs? Or how many times you have heard a software engineer state, “It would be easier to rewrite this thing rather than figure out how this works.” These are all considerations towards making an informed decision on if you are overvaluing time to market and undervaluing documentation.

Caveat: This does not apply to Minimal Viable Products, Prototypes, or Proof on Concepts.