CISA Updates it’s Zero Trust Maturity Model

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released an update to the Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM), superseding the initial version released in September 2021. ZTMM provides a roadmap for agencies to reference as they transition towards a zero-trust architecture. ZTMM also provides a gradient of implementation across five distinct pillars to facilitate federal implementation, allowing agencies to make minor advancements toward optimization over time.

The tool is available on GitHub, in CISA’s repository.

RedEye is the latest in a set of tools that CISA released as open-source projects over the past few years. Among them are Malcom – a network traffic analysis tool, ICS NPP – a tool for parsing Industrial Control Systems Network Protocols, Sparrow – a PowerShell script for detecting possible compromised accounts and apps in Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

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