Serverless Architectures

Serverless architecture is an approach to software design that allows developers to build and run services without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Developers can write and deploy code, while a cloud provider provisions servers to run their applications, databases, and storage systems at any scale.

If you are interested in Serverless Architectures a talented PDX team has put together a exceptional resource. Why Serverless? Convincing others to embrace another transformation is a tough sell. You may still be dealing with the transition to CI/CD, DevOps or Micro-Services. So please enjoy the information and tool up before your pitch.


Rework is one of the four types of development activities along with Planned, Unplanned and Continuous Improvements. On average, a software development team reworks about 26% of its code prior to a release. Research indicates that the lack of proper software testing and code review are the largest contributors to rework. Don’t assume mob programing, better requirements and collaboration will reduce the amount of rework. It may be the nature of how work flows across your organization.