What is a Technical Product Sherpa?

Product development should be a team sport, but occasionally you need that certain someone to act as a sherpa. Hopefully, that person is not afraid of heavy lifting. Knows when to lead and how to follow. Builds consensus on how to assess effort, risk, and reward. They are fantastic at inspiring and coaching teammates. They appreciate the unique challenges ahead while humbly knowing they have not mastered all of the lessons from the past.

2021 GRIT Report

Every year I find some of the most interesting trends and insights from the GRIT Report. Finding unmet needs or building new skills should be on everyones radar. So take a few minutes to expand your knowledge base and explore whats in your toolbox.


The skinny on 3rd Party Scripts

There are many web page speed test tools you can use to diagnose third-party scripts and find out which of them are the costliest resources on your website. These tools show you the number of third-party scripts loaded by your site and the time they take to execute. But if your looking for a macro view of the entire web, this tool is invaluable.


IoT Market

The most common offering of IoT startups is IoT software (offered by 77% of startups), followed by IoT hardware (45%), IoT connectivity (17%), and IoT services (14%). Of the 1,018 startups identified in IoT Analytics’ 2019 IoT Startups Report (IoT Startups Report & Database 2019), 237 have ceased to exist in 2021, and 46 have been acquired.

Creativity and Innovative Capacity

Bored and brilliant ideas are often phenomenal, but innovating alone is hard and together is just so much better. A researcher at the University of William and Mary analyzed 300,000 Torrance Test scores since the 50s. She found that creativity scores began to nosedive in 1990. She concluded that we’re now facing a “creativity crisis.” The scientist blames our hurried, over-scheduled lives and “ever increasing amounts of time interacting with electronic entertainment devices.” I believe it is also engrained by systemic learning and our tendency to rely on best practices.

Another recent study from the Kellogg School, explored how our beliefs about creativity can undermine our innovation efforts.“People think their best ideas are coming fast and early”A reason for the belief in the creativity cliff is that we assume that innovation is a process for generating unique ideas. The reality is that innovative ideas are far more likely to be “recombinative” than unique.

Dig-in and find your winning formula for innovative capacity.


Rework is one of the four types of development activities along with Planned, Unplanned and Continuous Improvements. On average, a software development team reworks about 26% of its code prior to a release. Research indicates that the lack of proper software testing and code review are the largest contributors to rework. Don’t assume mob programing, better requirements and collaboration will reduce the amount of rework. It may be the nature of being a feature driven team or how learning flows across your various teams.

Net Promoter Score

A basic measure of customer sentiment, is now used by two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. Subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters yields the Net Promoter Score, which can range from a low of -100 (if every customer is a Detractor) to a high of 100 (if every customer is a Promoter) you can calculate an earned advocacy score. It’s not just about chasing a number. Learn how segmenting customers can help you find meaningful micro-narratives.