Key Points

• Only 51% of adults over 16 work full time today while 10% work part-time 

•36% of all U.S. workers participate in the Gig Economy (Gallup) 
•As more Gig Economy workers are without the benefits, job security they willrequire new safety nets
•The official unemployment rate is 3.7% 

• The actual labor force utilization with long term unemployment is 9.5% (15,575,000 people) 
•Factors influencing the national unemployment rate besides job growth 
     1. Population growth is slowing 
     2. Labor force participation rate is shrinking (by 2037, two-thirds of U.S. counties will     contain fewer prime working age adults than they did in 1997) 

•Labor force is only growing from +55 age workers, many whom can’t afford to retire  
•Job growth, wage growth and opportunity vary widely by counties
•Some groups are still extremely marginalized even in opportunistic areas 

•Labor force is more educated, but college cost is affecting enrollment 

• Graduation rates, for the 22% that graduate with a. bachelors degree is typically in 6 years
•Many college grads still disillusioned with career choice and college debt 

•Some businesses can’t find qualified workers, but very few investing in training or long term solutions
•4,587,200 fastest growing BLS forecasted jobs from 2018-2028, 75% earn less than 40K per year
•Raising a family or taking care of family still a large cohort of +14 Million workers that do not get compensated

Best practices and compounding debt.

There are a ton of best practices, principles and processes out there. Letting others convince you of best practices is a dangerous game. Especially if the main premise is that it worked before on other projects or with other teams. What works for one team and type of dev project may not work for others so please explore but be cautious.

Agile Landscape V10.jpg

You may want to start by sitting down with your Designers, Developers, QA testers, and support team to determine what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions because the root of the problem may not be your process or principles at all. Then discuss the trade offs and potential downside of deaveraging a single methodology across a large organization if applicable. Getting Aligned.png