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Psychology for UX: Study Guide

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn about some principles of human psychology and how they relate to UX design. Resources in this study guide are grouped under the following topics:

Discussing Policies and Politics

Last year when political discussions went from uncomfortable to toxic, some companies took a stand and decided not to allow political discussions at work. Regardless of your policy, 65% of employees are having the conversations. How can we support employees and encourage them to handle differences, respect one another, listen, and learn? The answer requires respecting others’ views, inviting different perspectives, and teaching others how to thoughtfully disagree. These are the same tools you should be embracing to improve your corporate culture. For those interested in nuanced conversations I have compiled “Searching for the America We Need” a “Better-Better”, and “Alternate Facts for Truthers”.


The tool is available on GitHub, in CISA’s repository.

RedEye is the latest in a set of tools that CISA released as open-source projects over the past few years. Among them are Malcom – a network traffic analysis tool, ICS NPP – a tool for parsing Industrial Control Systems Network Protocols, Sparrow – a PowerShell script for detecting possible compromised accounts and apps in Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

NIST IoT Cybersecurity Program Updates